Our Values

Gymnastics - the sport for every body.
To provide the opportunity for our community to experience the benefits of gymnastics, through high quality programs, facilities, services and coaching.
The goals have been developed to support the objectives of SCGC in accordance with its Constitution. The goals are:
  1.   To raise our profile in the ACT and nationally.
  2.   To provide inclusive gymnastics programs.
  3.   To develop each participant’s self esteem within a positive learning environment.
  4.   To effectively and appropriately resource the associated Gymsports.
  5.   To advance the overall technical performance of gymnasts, coaches and judges.
  6.   To improve the Club’s infrastructure.
  7.   To have and implement policies for good governance of SCGC.
SCGC is a professional, ethical, motivated organisation committed to serving the best interests of its members and the Gymsports, through:
  • Strong leadership, innovation, flexibility and continuous improvement.
  • Open and effective communication.
  • Valuing the contributions of staff, members and volunteers.
  • Working co-operatively and effectively with Gymnastics ACT and Gymnastics Australia.
  • Fostering a strong work ethic within the club.
  • Promoting a performance culture with a focus on achievement, participation and enjoyment.