Club Policies

The Club has a wide range of Policies and Procedures that are contained in the Club Management System (hereinafter referred to as the“CMS”). For a copy of a policy or procedure or to look at our CMS please ask at the front office. The CMS will be put onto a CD and provided to you.

The CMS is a very comprehensive set of documents that are contained in 7 sections as follows:

1.          Corporate - includes such things as our Values, Vision and Purpose, Codes of Ethics, Conflicts of Interest and Codes of Conduct

2.      Club Policies - includes both General and Specific policies and includes such things as our OH&S Policy, Fundraising Policy, Member Protection Policy, the Fees Policy, our Privacy Policy and our Social Media and Networking Policy

3.           Plans and Procedures - addresses both Club Plans and Procedures and Administration Instructions and includes our Risk Management Plan, the Emergency Procedures, Injury Procedures, Complaint Management Procedures and the like.

4.            Club Development and Promotion

5.             Gymnastic Development and Promotion

6.             Support

7.             Common

The remaining sections provide details on various matters concerning the development and support of the gym including our Four Year Development Plan, Coaches Development, Parent Support and the like.

A quick guide to some key policy details is provided below:

1.     FEES REFUNDS - As makeup classes are available, refunds will only be given on the production of a medical certificate

·         New Members - Following a two weeks trial period for which a non-refundable deposit is required, if the parent/child elects to continue an insurance and registration fee is required to be paid at that time.  Balance of fees is required at your child's third lesson.

·         Existing Members - In order to secure your child's place, a deposit is required at the end of each term. Balance of fees is due first week of each term.  Insurance and registration fee is required to be paid when registering for term one each year.

·         Fundraising - To ensure the gym is capable of providing the best surroundings and equipment for your children, a separate fundraising levy is charged per family, per term. Check with the front office staff for current details of the levy.

2.     MISSED LESSONS - If your child is unable to attend their class, makeup classes are available. Missed lessons must be made up during the current term. To assist in organising classes please notify the front desk of the day/date you wish your child to attend their makeup lesson.

3.      UNIFORMS - Beginners and ACT Level 1 - 4 gymnasts are not required to wear the club leotard. ACT Level 5 - 10 gymnasts are required to wear the club leotard at all competitions. National levels 1 - 10 gymnasts are required to wear the club leotard at all competitions. (Although it is not compulsory for ACT level 1 - 4 gymnasts to wear the club leotard, they can purchase the leotard if they wish to and in fact are encouraged to do so).

4.      CLASS SIZES - Beginners - 1 coach to 6 children; Levels 1 coach to 8 children.

5.      HOLIDAY PROGRAMS - Holiday program fees must be paid the day of the holiday training session Holiday program fees are not refundable and cannot be transferred to the following term's fees unless a medical certificate is produced.

6.      GENERAL - Parents are NOT PERMITTED onto the gym floor unless invited by a senior member of staff. Should you wish to speak to your child's coach, ask at the front desk and they will arrange an appointment for you. Staff are not allowed to take phone calls while they are on the floor unless it is an emergency. This rule applies to ALL staff. Casual staff are not allowed behind the desk. Staff are not allowed to use the office phone to make calls without permission from Senior Staff.