Gymfit Schools Program

The principal aim of a gymnastics program in Primary Schools is to develop in children an enthusiasm for physical activity and to maintain and encourage that enthusiasm so they become committed to pursuing an active lifestyle.

The School Gymnastics Program lesson plans have been arranged as sequenced activities generally starting with the first lesson and continuing on from there. However, this program also has the ability to be flexible and interchangeable depending on the ability of the children. It can also be modified as required depending on the equipment available.

Most programs run for the 10-week term but can be modified to suit the needs of individual schools.
Should you require more information on our program or wish to make a booking to have the program delivered in your school please contact:
Southern Canberra Gymnastics Club
Contact: Narelle Jansen
Phone: 62963331
Mobile: 0409 392 708
The Schools Gymnastics Program is based on a general gymnastics approach that is fun, challenging and fundamental for a child’s growth and development.
Children love to roll, jump, swing and turn upside down. A wide variety of general gymnastic activities can be performed with little or no apparatus and can be managed safely and effectively within the primary school physical education program. General gymnastics provides a sound basis for further skills development across all other sports.
This program provides a broad based approach to the teaching of fundamental movement abilities in all children. Many of the skills required for team and individual sports (hitting, catching, jumping, turning, dodging, fielding, marking) can develop from the fundamental movement abilities emphasised in the Schools Gymnastic Program.